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How Does MicroMentor Work?

See how our business mentorship program connects mentors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to help small businesses thrive.

Build a Relationship. Grow a Business.

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Build a Relationship. Grow a Business.

  • Join

    Set up a profile on MicroMentor to share who you are and show entrepreneurs what you can help them with.

  • Explore

    Read through profiles of global entrepreneurs to discover who you're best suited to help.

  • Connect

    Reach out to entrepreneurs by sending them a message. Start a conversation. See if you're the right fit to start mentoring.

  • Grow

    Now you've found an entrepreneur to mentor. Ask questions. Share. Listen. Build your relationship and help them grow their business.


Hours of mentoring received per entrepreneur on average


Survival rate for early-stage mentored entrepreneurs

Mentored entrepreneurs create twice as many new jobs as solo entrepreneurs


Of entrepreneurs do not have access to any other business development resources outside of MicroMentor


Mentoring is the Key to Business Success

Karim developed a way to deliver affordable dental services to his community in Conakry, Guinea, but still had trouble reaching new patients. He was considering expanding to a second location when he met his mentor Brian, the founding COO of Build-A-Bear Workshops in the US, on MicroMentor.

Understanding the complexities of managing multiple locations, Brian suggested that Karim concentrate on building a larger customer base through active outreach. Today, Karim still has just one location, but has tripled his customers, doubled his revenue, hired three full-time employees, and has improved the dental health of an estimated 12,000 local community members.

Mentoring Changes Lives. One Connection at a Time.

Yolanda y Jesús: ColecciónSerpentina

“MicroMentor helped us on many levels, and we are very excited for the future of Colección Serpentina…it definitely looks brighter.”

—Jesus, co-founder of Colección Serpentina

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